Marva’s Review – Medix Toronto
December 6, 2015
Peter's Medix College Toronto Review

Peter's Review - Medix Toronto

Peter took the Medical Lab Assistant / Technician program at the Medix College Toronto Campus and his review shares his personal experiences about his experiences and how he felt the school helped him.

Medical Lab Assistant/Technician (MLAT) trains students in a variety of medical procedures and laboratory techniques under the direct supervision of a Registered Medical Technologist or other health care professionals.

Once you qualify and after writing a third party examination you can become a Certified Lab Assistant designation through the Ontario Society of Medical Technologists.
I chose Medix because I see results, on top of that my parents graduated from the same school and I see them working everyday and they love it. What I like about this campus is very clean, very accessible, commute easy. TTC is right outside the door. Very friendly staff and all the students are very enthusiastic, every day when I see them, they are like “hello” . What I like about the instructors is that they are very down to earth, very friendly, they are like my second parents at the school. So, I don’t feel like they are my instructors, it more like a client base, and the environment, it gives me something to look forward to everyday when I’m going to class.

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