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January 3, 2016
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January 9, 2016

Leah's Review - Medix London

Leah took the Medical Office Administrator program at the Medix Toronto Campus and on this video she shares experiences about why she selected Medix College and what she loved about studying there.

The Medical Office Administrator trains students in a variety of medical office administrative and clinical skills. This course enables students to gain confidence and familiarity with using medical terminology, office procedures, computer applications and public contact.

When you graduate you are equipped to work in a variety of environments ranging from busy emergency rooms to a specialist’s office to alternative health care and much more.

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I chose Medix College because I had a friend here who took the tech program, who loved it and had a great experience, such a great experience that every time we'd work together she'd come in boasting about it.

She'd say; "I love my teachers! I love all the different things we get to do!" When I was finished work, and wondered what I was going to do [in the future], I chose Medix.

I like the campus because of the location, it's very accessible. It's also small, with more intimate classrooms, which I like more then university style classrooms, where you feel like a number more then a person.

I love my instructors here, they're all very well versed in their fields, and they bring real world experience along with the academic side of it.

I found it easy to make friends and contacts [on campus]. On your first day, you're kind of nervous, everyone is looking at each other, but within 10 minutes everyone is chatting, and they welcome you in, and everyone is exchanging phone numbers.

It's a family atmosphere where everyone motivates each other. My family loved me coming here, my mom was a nurse, so anything in the healthcare field, she was like: "Yes, go!" They were so supportive.

I already had a university degree, and I worked well with it, but I wanted something more out of life, something more practical. This gives me a whole new opportunity in life for a crazy amount of things."

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