Euphemia - Medix College Toronto
Euphemia’s Review – Medix Toronto
January 26, 2016
Christina Medix Toronto
Christina’s Review – Medix Toronto
February 1, 2016
Kendra - Medix Toronto

Kendra's Review - Medix Toronto

Kendra took the Pharmacy Assistant program at the Medix College and in this video she shares her experiences and reasons of choosing Medix and what the Toronto Campus was like.

The Pharmacy Assistant program is designed to train students who are looking for an exciting career working in a pharmacy or pharmacy retail company.

In most cases, Pharmacy Assistants work in entry level positions and under the supervision of the pharmacy technician or Pharmacist. Some of the responsibilities include ordering and receiving the inventory, filling prescriptions, receiving shipments and handling paperwork, etc.


"I chose Medix because I wanted a change in career. I wanted something I could do in a short period of time, that I could work and still take care of my son.

I also wanted the smaller class sizes, to make it easier for me to learn and excel in whatever I do. I really love the location because it's easily accessible. I also love the class because it's a small size.

There's a better student to teacher ratio, you could understand anything unlike if it came from a larger post secondary education, where I know that when you need to speak to someone you have to book an appointment.

Here at Medix, you can just drop in and speak to anyone. They'll guide you along the way, help you select the proper goals, and guide you along the path you want to choose. Here it was easy, you just walk in, speak to anyone, and they all just got along. The staff are phenomenal.

Medix means everything to me. The fact that you were just able to be yourself, it helps you to become the person you want to be. They wanted the best for you. They'd sit you down, give you the right advice, and always sit you with a councillor; there is always someone there to direct you.

The fact that you can get a career in less than a year, you can establish yourself and become somebody. Not only did they help you in whatever you're studying, they also gave you the perfect career training advice.

They would show you how to survive and handle the work environment, and also to stay relevant."

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