Kendra - Medix Toronto
Kendra’s Review – Medix Toronto
January 27, 2016
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Ashley W’s Review – Medix London
February 2, 2016
Christina Medix Toronto

Christina's Review - Medix Toronto

Christina studied the Medical Lab Assistant / Technician program at the Medix Toronto Campus and in this video below she shares have review and experience as a student at Medix College.

Medical Lab Assistant/Technician (MLAT) trains students in a variety of medical procedures and laboratory techniques under the direct supervision of a Registered Medical Technologist or other health care professionals.

Once you qualify and after writing a third party examination you can become a Certified Lab Assistant designation through the Ontario Society of Medical Technologists as well as the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS). This exam is optional and at your expense but Medix College encourages students to take this exam and attain professional certification.

Students who acquire the Medical Lab Assistant/Technician Diploma have the necessary skills and demonstrate competence in a variety of medical procedures and laboratory techniques under the direct supervision of a Physician, Registered Medical Technologist or other healthcare professional


"I chose Medix [College] because when I was looking for a school, I wanted someone who not only made promises, but actions. Who could make me feel like it wasn't too late for a fresh start, and who wouldn't make me feel alone.

When I heard of Medix College and the influences they had on their graduates, I knew then that my journey had begun. What I love about the campus is the people. Diversity brought us all together and united us together as one.

What I like at this school are the front line people. They're so accommodating and make life so easy for us. All other concerns are taken care of [by them]. Which is all I want.

Medix, for me, is the start of a new me. It's the hope to hold on, and the partner that will soar with me into the world of healthcare."

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