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March 8, 2016
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April 15, 2016
Vannaly Medix London

Vannaly's Review - Medix London

Vannaly took the Personal Support Worker program at the London campus of Medix College. The PSW program is designed to give participants skills that will help them secure employment as Health Care Aides, Home Support Workers, Attendant Care Providers and Respite Worker Training.


I chose Medix because I love the setting, I like the professionalism that they present, this is the place for me. The classroom is a very neat, all the equipment they have is very professional.

There are no days that you come to class and you feel like you have to be here, I feel that I want to be here. My instructor is amazing; she is very knowledgeable, very good at her job. Any time we have any issues or questions she's always there and able to give us all the answers that we need and always there to help.

Five years from now I may go further in this field. I'm hoping that maybe I can either bridge into R.N. or perhaps become a P.S.W. trainer. Everyone here is so friendly; the setting is always nice and clean. The instructors are really good, all our classmates are wonderful, and we’re all friends and family.

We come here knowing that we want to learn. We all support each other; we're there for each other. If you have any issues, doing your assignments or homework, everybody is there for each other to help. The benefits of Career Services for me, was walking me through the process of how to look for a job, how to search for the job I wanted and what I needed to know, what I should be learning before I go into the job interview.

What I have enjoyed learning the most here would be anatomy, which was one of the most challenging things, I realized that I actually can understand and that I can learn that. My family, for those people who know, are very happy that I chose Medix and that I'm here for this program.

They just know I will be good at what I do. I went through using P.S.W. services myself; I used to be a caregiver for my family for three months. It's amazing to know that right now it's in high demand, that also gives you better feeling knowing once you graduate you will have a job, and one of those jobs will be something that, you don't even have to ask yourself if you make a difference in people's lives, because you know that it does, and you did.

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