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February 14, 2016
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March 8, 2016
Tiana Medix London

Tiana's Review - Medix London

Tiana is a past student at Medix College where she took the Community Service Worker at the London Campus. In her video testimonial she shares her reasons for selecting Medix College as well as what her experience of studying at the London campus.

What exactly is the CSW program and what can students expect from it? Well Len from Medix gives a brief introduction to the program and what is involved:

“A CSW is a community service worker. A community service worker is someone that uses their knowledge, skills, and ability to assist individuals in overcoming social problems."

"So the program here at Medix College is a pretty good program in that it, it's very intensive, 5 hours a day, for 5 modules, 35 weeks of class in total at 5 hours a day, plus a placement, which allows a student to work essentially in a workplace setting in a social service, non-profit agency, to acquire more of a foundation in terms of what it's like to helping people overcome social problems."

“Our students typically get hired at agencies throughout the London, Middlesex County areas, Elgin County, in agencies that provide assistance to individuals who are experiencing problems with substance abuse, mental illness, problems associated with poverty, homelessness, etc.”

“We have quite a good hiring rate, in terms of, once our students excel on their placements it's not uncommon for our placement partners to actually provide jobs for those CSW's upon completion of their placements.”


I chose Medix College because of the small classroom sizes. I liked best about the classes the fact that I was going to be helping people in the end, and I really enjoyed my instructor. My instructor brought knowledge as well as life experience to the classroom.

Medix College gave me a sense of accomplishment in my life, as well as demonstrating that to my children.

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