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Nathan’s Review – Medix Kitchener
April 15, 2016
Sijan's Review Medix London
Sijan’s Review – Medix London
May 13, 2016
Susie's Review Medix London

Susies's Review - Medix London

The PSW program gives students the necessary skills as well as the competency in a several clinical and interactive areas needed for employment in the health care field. Students learn about individuality of the person, role of the worker, assisting the families and household management.

This program consolidates and replaces services previously provided by Health Care Aides, Home Support Workers, Attendant Care Providers and Respite Worker Training. To learn more about the PSW program please follow this link: Personal Support Worker Program


I chose Medix because I wanted to be part of the health care team and doing P.S.W. has always been a dream of mine. What I like best about my instructors is that they're very friendly, very easy to work with and they always answer my questions.

What I like most about the campus is that there's friendly staff, I can always get a hold of someone, and my classmates are very friendly and easy to work with. I see a lot of opportunities to have a full time P.S.W career. I found it easy to make friends on campus because I really enjoy different people, learning different cultures and it's been a very good experience, I really enjoyed it.

My kids are thrilled that I'm attending Medix because they really look up to me and think that mom is doing something really fantastic. They are still in school, and that mom's taking this, it's just really motivating for them. I was a stay at home mom and now that my kids are all in school, I really was looking for something for myself to do, because I really like to stay busy and I wanted to be part of the health care team

So this gave me a quick entrance into the program and it didn't seem long and daunting and I can always upgrade later on, so I jumped at it, I was thrilled. I found Career Services to be very helpful, and I think that's the crucial part of the learning experience here. Because they didn't just give me the knowledge but actually the experience to go out and make your résumé, how to do the interviews, and I really really appreciate that.

I highly recommend it. When I came in and just realised this could be my dream, that was just so exciting it was like really, it's actually going to come true! I am so very very happy.

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