Susie's Review Medix London
Susie’s Review – Medix London
May 13, 2016
Alberto’s Review – Medix London
May 27, 2016
Sijan's Review Medix London

Sijan's Review - Medix London

Sijan is a past student who took the Personal Support Worker program at the London campus of Medix College. The PSW program is designed to give participants skills that will help them secure employment as Health Care Aides, Home Support Workers, Attendant Care Providers and Respite Worker Training.

This program gives students the necessary skills and competency in a variety of clinical and interactive areas needed for employment in the health care field. Students learn about individuality of the person, role of the worker, assisting the families and household management.


I chose Medix because I have done a lot of research on the other schools and I got good feedback from my friends and colleagues. What I like about my instructors, they are so friendly and they help you in each and every aspect.

I was suspecting like a sixty or seventy percent average but I am getting ninety two percent plus! The instructors are so focussed and knowledgeable that they can solve any of your issues. After twenty years I am back to school and I was worried a lot, but after coming to Medix, my confidence level has increased.

What I like about the campus is the atmosphere and I found it easy to make friends on campus because everyone is so friendly, we all have the same emotions and feelings. My long term goal is that I want to do my R.P.N. after one or two years and the P.S.W. course will definitely help me.

My family support me attending Medix because my wife is an R.P.N. and she knows the importance of doing P.S.W. and she motivates me a lot. My son and I have a competition while doing homework and it goes really smooth. Career services helped me make my resume, which was outdated.

When I met with her she explained to me, step by step, the importance of that and a she helped me in mock interviews, helped me to do the right thing and that increased my confidence level. The most important thing I learned at Medix was the importance of believing in yourself, self-confidence, and Medix has given me all this. Thank you so much.

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