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December 10, 2015
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January 8, 2016

Isabel's Review - Medix London

Isabel took the Medical Lab Assistant / Technician program at the Medix London Campus and below she shares have testimonial and experience as a student at Medix College.

Medical Lab Assistant/Technician (MLAT) trains students in a variety of medical procedures and laboratory techniques under the direct supervision of a Registered Medical Technologist or other health care professionals.
Once you qualify and after writing a third party examination you can become a Certified Lab Assistant designation through the Ontario Society of Medical Technologists.
"I wanted to have a career in the medical field, and the campus was quite close to home, so it just was a right fit. What I like best about the campus is the class size. I'm in the afternoon program, it's small, it's more intimate, so you get to know your classmates a bit better. My instructor is extremely knowledgeable. I like that she can take that knowledge and relay it back to us. She has a lot of experience in the workforce, and she's able to bring it back to the classroom setting, which is really valuable for us. I have school aged children, so it's a bit of a health competition when Momma brings home a 98% or something on her exam, then we kind of compare that with each other, it's a great supportive atmosphere. To me, when I think of Medix College I think of success. I know I'm going to do well, I'm going to graduate, and I'm going to get that perfect job.”

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