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December 6, 2015
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December 10, 2015
Medix London

Devon's Review - Medix London

Devon took the Massage Therapy program at the Medix College London Campus and his video shares testimonial.

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I chose Medix because one of my close friends was going here, she recommended it, and I tried it out and I only had positive things to say about it! The thing I really liked about the campus, it's smaller compared to [university] campuses. There are so many students there, the congestion... Here the parking is easy, it's accessible... It's a tight unit. Kind of like a small family, it's really nice! I've seen so many people in a lot of pain, and I've already seen the differences I can make. That just puts a smile on my face. It makes me want to do this so much more. I've made a lot of friends since being here. Hopefully they'd say the same about me! I'm sure they will. One of the most positive things I can say about this school is our instructors. I've had many instructors through college and highschool. You can tell these ones actually care about you. They'll do anything to help you out, they're the most polite people I've ever met. They're fantastic....AND they know what they're doing! They actually know what they're doing! [laughs] My family is actually very proud that I'm attending this college. Just because they see it's a big second chance for me. They’re all very proud of me. Medix College really means to me that big second chance that I have. Of all the jobs I've had, those low paying, minimum wage jobs, I was able to get into a career that I know I can make a successful business in, and actually enjoy it. There's not many people I know who go to work and are actually happy. I'm excited when I go to school, and actually upset when I have to leave, and I think that's the most bizarre thing I've ever said in my life! [laughs].

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