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February 1, 2016
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February 8, 2016
Ashley Medix London

Ashley W's Review - Medix London

Ashley W. is a past Medix College student who studied to be a Community Service Worker at the London Campus. In this review she shares her reasons for selecting Medix College as well as what she gained from attending Medix College.

The Community Service Worker program is for individuals looking for a rewarding career in the community service field. The program involves a great deal of small group work, practice interviews, and exercises in self-awareness.

The program helps students gain the knowledge and experience to prepare them for work with clients from a range of age groups, with a variety of social and emotional issues.


"My family and friends were really supportive about me attending Medix. They were excited I had taken that step to go back to school, and every step of the way they were there behind me, cheering me on as my own personal cheerleaders.

I was struggling day to day in a job that I hated. Went online, applied to Medix, and within two weeks I was sitting in class.

Any questions you had, the teachers were super approachable and everyone kind of worked together to get things done, to learn things, to move forward as a group. Everyone was there to push each other to do the best they could.

The thing I liked best about my instructors was that they were super approachable, and they were actual humans. They admitted their flaws, they had real life experience that they could share with us, and they made you really excited to get out into the field.

It was super easy to make friends on campus. Everyone was super approachable in the class. Community support workers in general are very approachable people, so sitting in there, within 15 minutes you made a new friend.

Medix means to me that I now have a future. I have a career that I love, got the experience to get the career that I love, and I've made some really amazing friends along the way."

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