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January 14, 2016
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Tiffany Medix Kitchener

Tiffany G's Review - Medix Kitchener

Tiffany G. is a Medix College student currently studying to be a Developmental Service Worker at the Kitchener Campus. In this review she shares her reasons for selecting Medix College as well as her experience so far.

The Developmental Service Worker program at Medix College provides technical training for individuals looking for a rewarding career working with children, youth and adults who have developmental disabilities. Students will learn to give clients support and offer encouragement while promoting their mental, emotional and physical health.


My name is Tiffany G, I am studying developmental service worker at Medix. I am taking that course because I feel very passionate about people who have developed mental disabilities. Before I came to Medix I was on long term disability for an injury and I wasn’t really doing much with my life and I wanted to do something different.

I chose Medix because I had several friends who came to Medix, who recommended it, who thought it would be a perfect match for me.

When it comes to the externship, I felt that everything I learned in the program as a DSW has really helped me in the field, a lot for the things that I learned in the course really applied to what I was doing on my externship.

It was a very good head start into getting a career, I felt more comfortable with the people who have disabilities. What I enjoy most about the campus is definitely the friendly atmosphere, people coming in and out of the classroom really changes the environment every time it happens.

I enjoy how close the community is, how everyone works together. I believe it is because we all come from different backgrounds, we are all learning to do the same thing, we all have similar goals, we want our education and it is very easy to support each other through that

What I like best about my instructors is they are very motivating to achieve your goals, they are very involved, they’re someone who you can come to, talk to and they are there every step of the way when it comes to getting your education.

In five years I see myself having a career where I see myself helping people who have developmental disabilities.

If you are undecided about coming to Medix I would talk to one of the administrator people, come take a tour of the school and I would tell them my experience has been absolutely phenomenal here and I would definitely recommend they come

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