Nathan’s Review – Medix Kitchener

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Vannaly’s Review – Medix London
March 31, 2016
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Susie’s Review – Medix London
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Nathan’s Review - Medix Kitchener

Nathan is a Medix College student who is studying the Community Service Worker Program at the Medix College Kitchener Campus. In this review, he shares his reasons for selecting Medix College as well as his experience as a student within the campus.

The Community Service Worker program involves small group work, practice interviews, and exercises in self-awareness. During the program, students will grow to understand the complexities of contemporary community work practice, the helping process, human development, first aid/CPR and crisis prevention. There are a number of different occupational roles for the community service worker program according to Service Canada.

To learn more about the Community Service Worker program at Medix College please click the links above or call 1 866 962 7685.


I'm Nathan and I'm studying the C.S.W. program at Medix College. My wife actually went there, she's actually graduating today from the Lab Tech course and she said it was a great place to go to school, so that's why I'm going.

One of my favorite memory of Medix would be would be just every day going to class with my fellow classmates, my teacher, she's fantastic. There's a lot of people of there in our course that we help, or that we're going to be helping, it's a very humbling experience to know that they're out there.

The thing I enjoyed most about the campus was that it was easily accessible and easy to get to and it's only got a twenty minute drive for me every day. I see myself in five years being a Community Service Worker or a Social Service Worker in the drug and alcohol field, that I'd like to go into, specializing in that.

I have found it easy make friends on campus, everybody that's in my class I'm pretty friendly with right now so I'm really enjoying that. The thing I like best about my instructors is that they're easy to talk to, first and foremost. Easy to talk to, they are open to answer any questions I have.

My family feels great about me attending Medix, they're very happy, their very proud of me ­I didn't have a lot of success in high school so this is actually a great step up for me. I would probably tell somebody it's thinking about attending Medix to go, it's a very easy place to go to school.

I know school is very daunting for a lot of people, a lot of people didn't do very well when they were in high school but coming from somebody with that experience, it's really easy to go there, the instructors are very helpful, very caring and they just wont let you fail.

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