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January 8, 2016
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January 12, 2016
Michelle B.

Michelle B's Review - Medix Kitchener

Michelle is a Medix student currently studying Intra-Oral Dental Assistant at the Kitchener Campus. In this review she shares her reasons for choosing Medix College as well as her experience so far.

Intra-Oral Dental Assistants help dentists during examinations and treatments. They also provide direct client care, educate clients on the importance of oral health and perform basic laboratory duties and manage client records.


My name is Michelle D, and I study IODA which is Intra-Oral Dental Assistant. I am taking the course because I want a career

Before I came to Medix, I was bartending, and (it was) it was horrible, long hours, late hours. I came to Medix because I heard about it from a friend and she got me really pumped up to go.

I love working in the lab, (it’s really) it’s awesome, it’s straight forward, it’s down to earth. You will be dealing with the ultrasonic, the Lisa, You’ll have actually real X-Ray machines to be using to take radio graphs

An externship is pretty much like a real co-op, so you need a certain amount of hours; you go out into the dental office. You have a chance to practice, they get you prepared and it’s a great experience to learn

We use Dexters, they are really cool. You get a lot of practice before you practice on real people so you are comfortable before your patient comes in. What I like best about the campus is that you walk in here comfortable right away.

And go right into your classroom, sit down and you’re ready to go. We have one instructor and she is very knowledgeable, she’ll tell you how it’s done, how it’s done properly. She is very straight forward, she gets to the point and you learn so much from her.

You just absorb so much of her knowledge, she’s awesome! My family feels amazing that I went back to school, that I went back to Medix. They’re so happy for me to be able to get a career to better my life

What I would tell someone who is un-decisive about coming to Medix is to just do it. Honestly you’ll feel great about accomplishing your goal and don’t think about it, just do it. What you learn at Medix is what you’ll be doing in real life. It’s an amazing feeling

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