Tiffany Medix Kitchener
Tiffany G.’s Review – Medix Kitchener
January 15, 2016
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January 21, 2016
Shirley Medix Brantford

Shirley's Review - Medix Brantford

Shirley is a current student at Medix College taking the Medical Office Administrator program at the Brantford Campus. In this video she speaks about her reasons selecting Medix College and her experience at the Brantford Campus.

The Medical Office Administrator program trains students in a variety of medical office administrative and clinical skills. This course enables students to gain confidence and familiarity with using medical terminology, office procedures, computer applications and public contact.

When you graduate you are equipped to work in a variety of environments ranging from busy emergency rooms to a specialist’s office to alternative health care and much more.

The program also provides an opportunity to gain real world experience into what your future job will entail through externships. This program has an externship which lasts about 240 hours and you will be place in actual work environment in a medical office doing the type of duties you will be doing once you graduate.

Another benefit of externships is that, sometimes it is possible to secure a job (or a referral for a job) based on your performance during that period. This means when you graduate, you already have a job waiting for you.

To learn more about the Medical Office Administrator program or any other Medix College program please click the links above of call 1.866.962.7685


I chose Medix College because two of my friends have gone here and they are both successful in their field. Our instructor is amazing; she makes sure we have everything we need

In five years I see myself working as a medical office administrator either in a Doctor’s office or in a hospital and volunteering

If somebody is undecided about coming, I would tell them to definitely come, It was the best experience that I definitely had.

Originally I thought I was a little too old to be starting back in college but my mind is totally changed and I totally enjoy every minute of it.

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