Melissa Medix London
Melissa’s Review – Medix London
January 12, 2016
Tiffany Medix Kitchener
Tiffany G.’s Review – Medix Kitchener
January 15, 2016
Keara Medix Brantford

Keara’s Review – Medix Brantford

Keara is studying to be a Pharmacy Assistant at the Medix College and in her video she shares why she chose to study at Medix College as well as what it's like to attend the Brantford campus.

The Pharmacy Assistant Diploma Program trains individuals looking for a rewarding career working in entry-level positions in a pharmacy or pharmacy retail company.

Usually Pharmacy Assistants work in entry level positions at pharmacies and under the supervision of the pharmacy technician or Pharmacist. Some of the responsibilities include ordering and receiving the inventory, filling prescriptions, receiving shipments and handling paperwork, etc.

Pharmacy Assistants can further their education and careers to eventually become Pharmacy Technicians or even Pharmacist. As an assistant you gain valuable experience in the ins and outs of a retail pharmacy company which will become valuable in furthering your career.


I choose Medix because I needed… I felt like I needed more education I wanted to get out and get more experience

And I thought that a practical field would be really interesting.

I definitely like this lab because it is practical; they tell you things that you will be doing in the real world

I like my instructors because they are real people, they are very easy to approach and they are just down to earth

I thought I would struggle a lot (more than I do) but anything I need help with, there is a classroom full of eager people as well as the instructors

Before Medix, I didn’t think I was going to do much and now I can definitely see myself continuing my education working in a hospital or prison

I know the job market for uneducated people is really tough, I want to get a good start for myself and I want to be able to come into my twenties as an educated women.

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